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Tips for Fishing

Welcome to the largest collection of fishing tips on the internet. Our goal is to help anglers catch bigger fish, more frequently, by providing the best tips for fishing. You’ll see below that our tips are divided up into sections to make it easier to find the type of tips that are best for you. They are divided up by fish species and fishing type, making a total of 23 different sections to help you catch more fish. Many of these tips are submitted by fishermen just like yourself. So if you’re ready to catch more fish then you can get started below.

Tips by Fish Species

Below you can get tips that are specific to a fish species. This makes it easy to hone your angling skills and learn what you need to know about the specific type of fish that you’re trying to catch. Some of the sections below may have multiple subspecies, for example with bass you have largemouth, smallmouth, stripped, etc. Those type of sections are designed to give you overall tips and advice for that entire fish species.

Tips by Fishing Type

Below you can get tips that are specific to a certain type of fishing. This is a good way to improve your fishing skills when it comes to specific fishing situations. Not all fishing situations are the same, for example you wouldn’t use the same techniques when saltwater fishing as you would when freshwater fishing.