Fishingtipsdepot.com is owned by an independent fishing media company. We are proud to be the number one online resource for fishing tips. Our website was launched in 2013, and small improvements have been made to the site since then. We do not sell any of our own products.

Our main pages are the ‘tips pages’.

How did we get our tips? We did a lot of research to find the best tips that produce results. But not every tip was posted by us. Some of the tips were submitted by our website visitors.

The tips are intended to make you more knowledgeable about fishing, and ultimately help you become a better fisherman. Obviously just reading the tips will not make you better- you need a lot of practice. But learning the tips will help you get better in a shorter timespan. Typically the better you are at fishing the more enjoyable it becomes. When you become really good you can still challenge yourself by trying to catch different fish species and also by going for bigger catches. There’s also the possibility of going pro.

The tip pages include a lot more information than just tips. You will learn about the actual fish or the method of fishing. We believe that it’s important to know some background information on the fish that you are trying to catch. This is mainly because you need to correctly identify the type of fish you are going for. If you are mistaken then you could be using the wrong tactics on the wrong fish and you will just end up frustrated and confused.

At the end our tip pages there are also links to additional resources. So if you want more information then you can check out those links.


We plan to cover all of the latest fishing trends and changes to the sport. But has fishing evolved over the years? Or is it the same as it always has been?

Over the last 15 years there have been some innovative fishing products to come out. Fishing techniques are timeless, but some of these products can either make fishing easier, or make it more comfortable. The fish finder has been perhaps the most innovative technology to come to market. It uses GPS technology to track where the fish are located. This obviously gives you a big advantage because locating the fish is the first step to catching them.

Another good product is the fishing face mask. It’s a simple yet innovative product. This product is designed to protect your head and neck from the sun. It’s better than sunscreen and better than just wearing a hat as it will allow you to fish longer without worrying about burning yourself in the hot sun.

If any more big changes occur in the fishing industry, then we will be on top of it.

Our Goals for the Website

Our main goal is simply to help fisherman of all ages and skill levels. We have accomplished this goal over the past several years and we will continue to do so for many years to come. We also want to promote fishing as a hobby, and as a lifestyle.

Promote the Hobby of Fishing

Fishing has been a hobby and a profession for thousands of years. We believe it’s important that the tradition gets carried on from generation to generation. So we want to encourage the younger generation to fish. This is important. Nowadays children spend too much time playing video games on the computer, tablet, and smartphones. Of course not every child is addicted to modern technology, but many of them are.

Fishing is much more than the actual process of catching fish. There are so many life lessons that can be learned out on the water.

We strongly believe that fishing can teach anyone, especially a child, important life skills. These skills include: how to be patient, how to improve on a skill-set, how to appreciate nature, how to communicate and socialize with your fishing buddies, and many others.

If you spend every day playing video games, then you are not learning any useful skills and you definitely aren’t learning any social skills. In fact, a video game addiction can harm your social skills and it can cause a lot of problems if you are in school.

Fishing is also a survival skill. It’s a way to get food. Hopefully you will never need to fish for survival, but in an emergency situation you will be prepared. It also gives you more options for when you go camping, because you could fish for some of your meals.

Of course there are a lot of other good hobbies besides fishing. We just think fishing is one of the best ones out there, regardless of age.

Future Plans

We want to maintain our position as the best fishing tip resource. However there is room for expansion- more tips and techniques can be added, as well as videos. We could also also post more fishing product reviews. Right now we are lacking in product reviews. Once we have the time, we will be out on the water reviewing the latest fishing gear.

Our main goal is to improve user experience. In order to improve user experience we may change the design and/or layout of the website. Right now the design is a little dated, especially compared to some of the other fishing websites.

Another idea we had was to promote our site via social media. Right now we do have a twitter account, but it has been inactive for years. If we use social media correctly then we could bring more visitors to our site, and we could better interact with our visitors. So it could make sense for us to try and promote our website through social media channels. However, we would much rather be outdoors than on our computer spending time on social media.


We sure to check our website in the future to see any future updates. In the meantime, feel free to share our website with your fishing buddies!