Best Fishing Face Mask

If you are not familiar with fishing face masks or have been fishing for years without one, you might be wondering, why do I need a piece of fabric covering my face (or neck)?

Many fishermen who are unfamiliar with fishing face masks may assume the purpose is simply for sun protection, which these masks do provide, but there are a multitude of other reasons that every fisherman should use this product.

Why Every Fisherman Needs One

Fishermen often spend extended periods of time outdoors braving the elements. Whether it be the blazing sun, whipping sea winds, or cool mountain air, your face and neck can take a beating. Wearing a face mask for fishing offers an elite form of protection for your exposed face and neck from the environment.

With skin cancer rates soaring, sun protection is a must for any fisherman. But applying and re-applying messy sunscreen can become a hassle. With a mask, you no longer need to worry about sunscreen as it covers your most vulnerable areas from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Many of the better brands feature a UPF sun protection rating that makes these accessories equivalent, if not better, than sunblock.

Aside from superior sun protection, a face mask forms a shield from the wind. Anyone who has spent the day fishing in windy conditions knows how much strain the wind can put on your entire body, especially your face. Equip yourself with a face mask the next time you head out fishing, and you will no longer suffer the exhaustion that comes from facing the wind.

Another benefit is the ability to actually improve your fishing! No, they cannot improve your actually fishing skills but they can help you see better and blend into your environment more. Quality brands offer moisture wicking designs that keep them dry which means your sunglasses may fog less and your actual skin will not create as much glare allowing you to see more fish! Pick out a good camo pattern and your entire being will blend into the environment with ease, making you even more stealthy.

Top Brands

Here are the three brands that we recommend:

BrandPriceRating /5
Aqua Design$$$5
NEXTOUR Headwear$$4

1. Aqua Design

Aqua Design Fishing Mask

The highly rated Aqua Design Masks offer something that most competitors don’t- more sizes. You might not think that size matters when it comes to a stretchy face mask, after all, how much of a difference can there be in face size? Aqua Design believes that there is a big difference and by offering instructions to measure and properly fit your face, they are taking personalized comfort to a whole new level.

Beyond offering customization with their sizing options, Aqua Design masks provide a UPF 50+ rating thus giving you superior sun protection all day long. With a flat lock seam and extremely breathable microfiber fabric, you will be so comfortable that you might forget that you are even wearing a mask. And with the variety of camouflaged prints, the fish will never see you coming.

Priced at less than you would spend an a few bottles of sunscreen, this brand addresses all of your needs from sun and wind protection to comfort and affordability.
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2. Fishmasks

Fishmasks Neck Gaiter

Although Fishmasks does not offer the personalized sizing that Aqua Design does, they do offer a multitude of other appealing features in their versatile face mask. Made from 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex, this mask is lightweight and stretchy, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable on those hot summer days. The fabric also features the essential moisture wicking properties that help keep your skin dry and free from irritation.

Odor control is something that you don’t often hear about when searching for a fishing mask and perhaps something that you never even considered necessary. However, Fishmasks feels that odor control is a vital attribute to any quality fishing mask and has addressed this overlooked issue by adding an odor control application to their masks that helps to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and keep your face smelling a lot less fishy.

With a wide variety of designs and a UPF 50+ rating, Fishmasks offers a product that will keep you safe, clean, and smelling fresh all day long. Costing about as much as the above mentioned Aqua Design, Fishmasks are priced fairly for the quality that you receive.
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3. NEXTOUR Headwear

NEXTOUR Headwear

If buying a fishing mask on a budget sounds like you, then NEXTOUR Headwear is exactly what you need. Offering packs fishing masks for half of what the above mentioned brands sell for just one, you will keep some extra spending money in your pocket while still keeping your face safe from the sun.

Crafted from 100% microfiber, these budget-friendly masks are breathable and stay dry for hours on end with their moisture wicking capabilities.

Priding themselves on being incredibly versatile, Neck Gaiters are touted as being perfect to use not only as a face mask but also as a headband, neck gaiter, or balaclava. They advertise that there are 12 different ways to wear this useful product. With over 50 designs available, there are endless choices for matching any style preferences that you might have.

If you are looking to stay cool, dry, and save a few bucks, then the Neck Gaiter is for you.
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When picking out a brand you want to look for a few key features. Comfort is always of high importance, so if possible, try on your mask before buying. You also want to make sure the material is something breathable and if possible moisture wicking so that it dries quickly. A high UPF rating is always desirable and a multi-functional mask is also an added bonus, allowing you to use your mask for a headband, scarf, neck warmer, or ear warmers.