Best Fishing Vacations

Since you’ve been paying attention to our guides, you already have all of the right knowledge for your next fishing trip. Now that your tackle box is stocked and you have some time off from work, we’ll take you to some of America’s greatest waters for angling. Whether you are looking to head east or west, north or south, our top recommendations for your next fishing vacation will have you on your way to the hottest destinations where you just might find the catch of your life.

Best of all, each of these beautiful escapes are great for either chilling out with your buddies or making everlasting memories with your family. The best thing about fishing is that bad weather can’t bring down your vacation. Rain or shine, you can experience spectacular fishing.

1. Nantucket, Massachusetts


Tucked away near Cape Cod in Massachusetts, you’ll find Nantucket, one of the most renowned fishing destinations in America. When you think of a classic fishing town, Nantucket is often the picture that comes to mind. The mid-summer months are some of the better times of year to travel to Nantucket because there is real diversity in the water. Anglers have been dropping lines in the deep blue waters of Massachusetts for centuries.

The greatest thing about Nantucket is that you can bring your experienced buddies and fish in the rougher waters, or you can bring your children and teach them how to drop a line in calmer seas. Some of the largest striped bass can be found swimming in both the shallow and deep breathtaking blue waters of Nantucket. Other species you’ll find off the coast of Cape Cod include bluefish, bonito, albacore and bottom fish. Head offshore and take a shot at some of the greatest bluefin tuna you’ve ever seen- as large as several hundred pounds. Other very impressive offshore species you could run across include white marlin, yellowfin tuna, and dolphin.

Since not everyone on your vacation is going to want to spend every waking moment out on the water, Nantucket also offers some incredible restaurants, museums and other hotspots to keep your family engaged. There are some great resorts on this island.

Whether you are new to angling or you’ve been at it for years, this historic fishing town is sure to lure you in.

2. Redding, California

Redding California

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous, then Redding just may be the destination for your next trip.

California is filled with exciting opportunities for anglers of all ages, and if you are serious about fly-fishing, this huge wonderland of water is the place to be. But beware, some of the most experienced fishermen call nearby Hat Creek one of the most technically challenging waters to drop a line in. There are also options nearby for the less-experienced anglers in your family. Deep-water fishing right in the middle of the chilled Sacramento River is great for catching trout.

Since California is known for great weather year round, it doesn’t matter whether you visit in the spring, summer, fall or winter. You are sure to reel in something great when you visit the waters of the Golden State.

Your family will also find plenty to do when you visit this stunning destination. There are some of the coolest water parks, arts museums, historic landmarks, parks and theaters right in Redding. Don’t miss visiting the unique Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay.

If you and your family are looking to rough it in the great outdoors, our next favorite spot in California is the Mammoth Lakes, which are surrounded by majestic mountains.

3. Beaufort, South Carolina

Beaufort South Carolina

Pack your buddies into a car or van and head to this Deep South destination where you’ll find some of the best sport fishing waters in the east. The inshore saltwater marshes, rivers, oceans and other waters offer redfish, trout, tarpon, cobia, and even sharks. Take a short trip through Fripp Inlet to find the alluring blue waters where you’ll encounter marlin and dolphin.

If you are looking for some good eatin’, the quaint town of Beaufort offers some of the best festivals year round. Don’t miss the crab festival during the month of April.

While Beaufort offers some of the best distractions from fishing for families, we recommend you leave the kids and wife at home. Not only will you have a better time fishing with buddies, but you will also be able to escape to lush green golf courses when you aren’t out on the boat.

4. Colorado River

Colorado Fishing

Colorado is known for great skiing, great whitewater rafting and great angling. Yes, the Colorado River makes one of the best fishing trips for you and your family. Not only will you catch some of the finest trout in Colorado, but you will also see some amazing views. During the spring and summer months, the calmer waters are relatively warm, and you are sure to reel in quite a few agile swimmers.

No matter which part of the river you drop your anchor in, you and your family will find some of the greatest restaurants in neighboring towns. Go during the winter months and enjoy some of the greatest snowboarding or skiing in America, or take the whole crew whitewater rafting in some of the fastest moving rapids.


There are plenty of great fishing trips across the land of the free, but we’ve listed a few of our favorites. Some other great locations to drop a line in are The Everglades in Florida and the roaring Niagara Falls in New York. No matter where you go, be sure to review the local fishing regulations and acquire the proper licenses before you make the trip.