Fishing in Las Vegas

Over the past few years, Las Vegas has become one of America’s most popular fishing hotspots. And for good reason. There are plenty of lakes, ponds, and reservoirs in the surrounding area. And each of these is stocked full of different bass, trout, crappie, and catfish. In this article, you’ll discover five of the best fishing hotspots in, and around, Las Vegas.

1. Lake Mead

Lake Mead

Spanning over 150,000 acres, Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the entire United States. With its rocky shores, deep trenches, and large underwater drop-offs, this lake provides an ideal home for a wide variety of fish. In it you’ll find everything from channel catfish to bluegill, to rainbow trout.

However, the area is best-known for its abundance of striped bass. In fact, many fishing experts consider this lake to be the premier place for catching bass. And some even say that its the best spot in all of the southwest.

Additionally, Lake Mead is very accessible. It’s located a mere 30 minutes outside of Vegas, and there’s plenty of parking along the shore. Boat ramps and access points are also abundant, making it easy to go out and spend time on the water. And, there are dozens of camping sites around the lake as well, perfect for getting a full outdoor experience.

When it comes to fishing hotspots, few places can even compete with Lake Mead. If you’re looking to do some amazing fishing on a beautiful body of water, then this is an excellent destination.

2. Sunset Park Pond

Sunset Park Pond

You don’t have to leave the city limits to find a good fishing spot. Sunset Park Pond is located right in town and offers a vast selection of different species to catch. The pond contains 14 acres of water, and has a self-sustaining population of both largemouth bass and black crappie. On top of this, it’s stocked with rainbow trout on a weekly basis.

This is a great place to do some fishing without having to leave the city of Las Vegas itself. If you have some downtime, or just want to relax and score a couple of quick catches, then Sunset Park Pond is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

3. Lorenzi Park Pond

Lorenzi Park Pond

This park is situated in the northwestern part of town, near the airport. Lorenzi Park Pond is a good urban fishing spot with roughly three acres of water and a steady supply of trout.

There’s no access fee to come here, and the entire shoreline is open for fishing. If you’re planning to catch some fish within Vegas itself, this place is worth checking out. You can spend a few hours here before moving on to another local park.

Lorenzi Park Pond is worth a visit if you’re looking to sample all of Vegas’ in-city fishing spots.

4. Floyd Lamb Park

Floyd Lamb Park

This is another fishing spot located in the city. Floyd Lamb Park contains four ponds, though only one is regularly stocked with fish. The area is smaller than many of the other places on this list, but it still offers up some impressive catches.

It’s not unusual for people to hook largemouth bass here, and there are plenty of rainbow trout and channel catfish as well. The pond is stocked monthly, meaning that there’s always an abundance of fish.

When it comes to catch size, Floyd Lamb Park is home to some surprisingly large fish. 10-pound bass are commonly caught, and many catfish have been recorded as weighing more than 20 pounds. Despite the smaller body of water, you can still do some great fishing here.

5. Colorado River’s Topock Gorge

Colorado River Topock Gorge

While the Topock Gorge isn’t actually in Las Vegas, it’s still worth a trip for anyone looking to do some serious fishing. This site is located just two hours outside Vegas, across the Arizona state line. Since it is out-of-state, you will need an Arizona fishing license if you want to cast a rod here.

Topock Gorge itself is a place of beauty. It’s located within a mountainous region of the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, and the gorge itself is made up of a network of different canyons. The area is home to numerous fish species, including rainbow trout, stripped and largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish, and carp.

Additionally, the fish in this region are known for being shockingly big. A stripped bass weighing 52 pound and 2 ounces was once caught on the Colorado River, setting the state record for its size. While not all the fish get that huge, you’ll still be able to snag some impressively large bass, catfish, and carp.

Topock Gorge is definitely worth a trip. If you’re in the Vegas area and have already spent some time on Lake Mead, follow it up with an excursion to the gorge. It’s a scenic location with excellent fishing opportunities.